Mongolia Ulan Bator ART Classes

Following you find an introduction of Art Activities, since I am convinced, many of you like to do creative things, like to express themselves, would love to work on artistic projects – start at all, do more, more frequently or in a more structured way  -  and some of you even might like to share their creative process and/or outcome. So join ART LAB Mongolia!

I’ d like to offer some space for creative processes and, if needed, give some support in free expressing  and techniques. Focus should be on personal satisfaction, certainly not on perfection: copying the real  like a photography is not intended! Forget about art lessons which you might remember from school. Surprise yourselves what you are able to do with simple and little material. Allow the vague, the irritation, the unperfect, “allow your self”!

I. Free art class

Form: ongoing group, once a week

             Bring your own material, develop ideas, work on individual pieces.

Techniques can be introduced: low budget, easy access material. Ideas welcome.

Those who like to work together can cooperatively develop topics/art projects and work on

them. I offer counseling support in this process but participants set themselves up on their


Reflection and discussion about creativity and art are welcome. 

Depending on the group we can plan an exhibition or even go out and do street art.

Feel free to actively develop and give in your ideas to make UB a culturally richer place!

An infoboard on Art Events and adresses can be established as source of creative



II. Create your personal Note-Book

Form: Workshop, one weekend

A book for daily sketches , notes, event-reviews, words, amusing, interesting,

irritating, fascinating, funny, authentical …  scenes and situations from daily life.

Give all this a place in your personal book. Do sketches, write, arrange collages, cut bits

and pieces to remember, document, invent, tell your stories in a unique way.

If it’s a “raw book” it is also a nice selfmade present.


III. Writing Class

Form: Meeting once a month

Giving it a start, giving it a try.

You like to write and don’ t know how to start? You wish some feedback? You are looking

for audience? Get into your writings, if you already have some. Bring them or start writing

new ones. Go on!

If you are interested, ask for feedback, get guidance, suggest topics to write about,

see how different the outcomes are. Or think about storyboards, which we might develop

together. Write on your own or get together in writing groups. There are plenty nice public

places:  libraries, cafes, study rooms – and your home of course. 

Once a month we can come together and read own texts.

Think of poetry slam but not in a competitive way nor in a rush J.

In the reading sessions we will follow a structured ritual and respect feedback rules.

There is no bad word, there is no bad writing but there is plenty of chances  to optimize


The internet certainly offer plenty of options for publishing and distributing it, if the

authors like. Enjoy and share.


About myself

I have been doing Arts and Exhibitions and have Ateliers/Art Spaces for more than 20 years now. In Berlin from 2006 on, I run ART LAB Event Gallery, an off-space place with Exhibitions, International Ateliers and Workshops together with Panajota Tserkesi. I have worked in many different places since and transferred and developed ART LAB to new cities and people.

ART LAB is the idea of social creativity and interaction, affected to cultural empowerment.  ART LAB is open to all genres. ART LAB  includes Performance, Dance, Theater, Street Art,Media, Literature etc. 


About my role in the classes

I support the process in terms of giving in some impulses if wished or necessary for a group process. My understanding is kind of moderator. I am no teacher! I do not show “how” to do things “right”. Art is an experiment. All participants are responsible to find their own creative expression. Sharing and developing are natural part of doing arts together. See it as a training where you gain mental and creative strengths and competences. 



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